Eagle Team is a professional airsoft team who is a member of the Airsoft Alliance Association and a member of the Airsoft Alliance League.

 Eagle team is managed by the eagle team committee, who's regional officers report to. 

Eagle Team Committee Chairman is 

Sean Malone (Secretary of Web Management)

Eagle Team Committee Co-Chair is

Nicholas Kyle (Section Commander, Philadelphia, PA)

Ranking Member

Raymond Chung (Leader & President)

Greg Howe (Vice-Leader)

Jennifer Crowder (Co-Leader & Vice President)

Eagle Team also known as eagle operators are members of EPIC Status who have demonstrated superior skills and abilities in airsoft and have been assigned an operator number. Numbered operators are the members who make up the global eagle team, each operator is assigned to a region of the organization sectors systems to play at airsoft events, walk-ons or otherwise help advance airsoft as a sport on behalf of the Best Clan Organization as it's official representatives in the Airsoft Alliance future Leauge.

Eagle Team is broken down into different regions.