What makes you the person who's willing to help others is the reason it is one of the core elements of this organization.


The actions that one can do to benefit others, remarkable or unknown is why being extraordinary is a core element of this organization.


Putting others and being the change is what makes being selfness another core element of this organization.


The drive that keeps you going, to effect change for a greater good is why being tenacious is another core element of this organization.

Our mission is to promote being the best one can be at life and to end bullying thru education and prevention.

Thru our various programs, teams, and initiatives. 


To help achieve one of our primary mission, we're working on creating a community of like-minded people who share the common goal of being the best they can be while providing a bully-free zone. Currently, our website is under construction, but we have an active Discord to which anyone can join.


Since we have a dual mission, we've found that to meet the needs of the community we're serving, we’ve broken the organization down into sectors and sections. With each sector and section being the most local part of the organization, each lead by a commander. Though our various programs, teams and initiative are national, the needs of each community aren’t.  Visit our sectors pages to learn more about our programs and initiative around you.

TBCO Sectors

Role Model

Our organizations leadership structure offers members role models as well as people who can provide accommodating advice, option and subject matter input. We've found that if someone is ever in need, having someone that they can look to or can talk to helps, our officers are there when you need them.


Bullying happens in sports because of various reasons and our solution is to create various teams in various sports that anyone can join without the fear of being bullied. Currently our organization has teams in Airsoft and in the near future we'll be branching out into other sports.